For Life Services-
 Community Care, LLC
SEMINARS-ADHD, Opioid prevention, Youth & Teen suicide prevention


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-Non-medication treatment

Families, caregivers, and educators of individuals diagnosed with ADHD question the use of medication to treat ADHD symptomatology. In this 1 day seminar, you will learn more about alternative non-medication interventions for treating ADHD at home, school or work.

Opioid prevention

Our society is faced with devastating rising rates of opioid addiction, overdose and death. Research shows that opioid prevention is a key factor in addressing the opioid issue. In this 1 day seminar, you will learn evidenced based prevention coping strategies that will reduce opioid use and relapse while increasing behaviors and thought processes that promote individual success towards a clean and sober live style.

Teen suicide prevention

Stressful life events, environmental, psychological and social issues are leading risk factors for youth and teens of  various ages, gender, and ethnicities. This 1 day seminar provides attendees with a dynamic approach to predict, prevent and process identified youth and teens who present warning signs of suicide.

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